CLAAS manufacture an array of tractors – more than 50 overall. At RIVERLEA we supply a full range of CLAAS tractors, renowned for their quality and reliability.

The RIVERLEA team are experts in helping you find the right tractor, which means that they will take the time to understand your specific requirements. You can also speak closely with an engineer to get to grips with the mechanics.

The largest CLAAS tractor range we supply is the XERION. Powered by Mercedes-Benz engines, the XERION series is specifically designed to meet the demands of modern agriculture. The range delivers engine outputs of up to 530 hp, features a rotating cab and has been developed with infinitely variable drive.

We also supply the AXION, ARION and ATOS models – all boasting specific features that will complement your work. For example, the AXION tractor provides enormous pulling power for highly demanding work, great ease of operation and intelligent engineering systems.

For those who might be looking for a smaller machine, we supply CLAAS tractors to suit. Take the ELIOS for example. This tractor has been developed specifically for smaller spaces and is perfect for more compact work. We also supply the NEXOS model, which is ideal for orchard and vineyard work.

You can find out more about the range of CLAAS tractors at RIVERLEA dealerships. We are based in Whitland, Crymych; Llandow, and Raglan locations.

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